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Cedral Lap Start Profile


The Cedral Click Horizontal start profile is used for the Cedral Click system. It is installed horizontally at the bottom of the cladding to support the boards as you build the system up.

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Product When you purchase quantities of: New price per item
Cedral Lap External Corner Asymmetric 4 - 6 £24.78
Cedral Lap External Corner Asymmetric 7 - 9 £23.60
Cedral Lap External Corner Asymmetric 10 - 12 £22.19
Cedral Lap External Corner Asymmetric 13 - 15 £19.83
Cedral Lap External Corner Asymmetric 16 + £18.59
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Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 3000m long x 40mm x 8mm x 15mm x 8mm x 3.5mm

White [C01], Beige [C02], Grey Brown [C03], Dark Brown [C04], Grey [C05], Grey Green [C06], Cream White [C07], Sand Yellow [C08], Blue Grey [C10], Atlas Brown [C14], Dark Grey [C15], Slate Grey [C18], Black [C50], Silver Grey [C51], Pearl [C52], Pewter [C54], Taupe [C55], Sage Green [C57], Forest Grey [C60], Burnt Red [C61], Violet Blue [C62], Light Oak [CL104], Dark Oak [CL105]


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