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Cedral Calculator

Easily work out how many planks you need for your Cedral Project
We wanted to make it easy for you to work out how many Cedral planks you require to get the job done. All you have to do is click the calculator image, which will take you to the Cedral calculator. Follow the steps to work out how many planks, trims and accessories you require. 
Once you have your required amount of planks, visit our Cedral Shop, choose your products. 
We also recommend that you order yourself some extra planks to mitigate room for error or a miscalculation of the initial m2 space required. 

How many planks do you need?

Simply input your square meterage you wish to cover our calculator will work it out for you. 

Looking for inspiration for your next project?

Take a look at our Cedral Projects page for inspiration