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How do to know which type of Cedral Cladding is best for your project?

The million pound question, which Cedral is best for your project?

Cedral fibre cement cladding is an ideal choice for those requiring a low maintenance facade solution fo their property. With the visual appeal of natural timber, it can transform both new builds and renovations. 

Deciding which Cedral cladding is best to choose is dependent on the look you wish your weatherboard to achieve. Available in two cladding applications, Cedral Lap and Cedral Click both offer the same benefits whilst allowing for an individual fascia aesthetic. 

For a traditional appearance, Cedral Lap is installed in a clapboard effect on to new existing properties, offering a New England clad design. 

Cedral Lap is available in 21 solid colours and two woodstain finishes.

If you are seeking a more modern exterior than Cedral Click is the ideal cladding solution. As the UK’s first fibre cement, flush fitting toungue and groove weatherboard material, it adds a contemporary appearance to any propery. 

Cedral Click offers a flat finish whilst maintaining the wood effect aesthetics and is supplied with a simple ‘Click Clip System’, which can be installed in a range of formations.  

Cedral Click is supplied in a range of 10 factory applied colours. 

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